raw paris  
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During FIAC art fair in Paris, two young South African artists - Tim Dempers and Michael Elion - will put on a late-night exhibition in the studio of Xavier Veilhan. The title of the show refers to both the work itself and how the artists feel at this juncture in their lives. The work challenges our perceptions with new modes of sensory expression.

Curated by Michael Elion, the show is supported by work from Andre Niemeyer (Brazil), Sandra Pfeifer (Austria) and Kathrin Kur (Germany). RAW is a supplementary art venue during FIAC.

"Each generation seems to arrive with the same aspirations to earn the support of one of the established galleries, even though they could probably make a greater impact by developing new gallery structures on their own. Even some of the most ambitious artists don’t realize that they are the ones with the power to change; they don’t need the permission of the art establishment."

Jeffery Deitch
ArtReview, Power 100, Issue 2, 2003