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Michael Elion. 1975 South Africa

Michael Elion is a graduate of the Architectural Association (AA) in London and is now in the third year of his PhD in philosophy/aesthetics in Paris (co-supervised at Oxford). He collaborated on a film, "Aerolite", with Xavier Veilhan that was shown at the Centre Pompidou this year with live music by the band AIR. In Sept 2004 he erected ARCHAIR urban sculptures, a guerrilla installation in six locations in London - reviews by ICON, Building Design and Hinge Magazine. While at the AA Elion had a solo show of photographs entitled, Beauty & Difference that premiered with a retrospective of Nigel Henderson's work. After receiving his Bachelor degree in architecture from the University of Cape Town, he made a solo bicycle journey across West Africa to study the architecture of the Dogon. Elion has worked for Daniel Libeskind (Berlin), Massimiliano Fuksas (Rome) and currently works on 3D lazer scans for Xavier Veilhan's sculptures.